CIOmove 2018 Moves to Israel

The “Innovation and Security Tour 2018” will lead us to the startups and security companies of Tel Aviv. As we working on the agenda, we would like your input: Who do we have to see in Israel and which places and companies do we have to visit?


Why Israel, you might ask. At the last CIOmove participants filled out a destination survey. Tel Aviv and New York tied for first place. On a scale from 1 to 5, both cities ranked at 1.9. The organization team took this as a recommendation. For the sake of comparison: Cluj in Romania ranked merely as a 3.4.

The organization team then had to decide between New York and Tel Aviv. We chose to go to Israel first and to go to the United States in 2019. There are three main reasons for this decision:

1. Israel has an excellent investment climate. Companies are open to innovation and Tel Aviv is a city with a yearly venture capital budget of approximately 2 billion. At the same time Tel Aviv does not garner as much attention as Silicon Valley where innovations are often overrated.
2. Israel dominates in cyber security. Security was the topic with the highest demand at CIOmove 2017 (6 out of 32 work groups tackled topics around security and risk management).
3. Hopefully by 2019 the United States will have sorted out their policies around travel bans which make it hard or impossible to hold a global conference in the US.

We send our apologies to Professor Art Langer and hope that his invitation to Columbia University in New York will still stand in 2019. And we are sorry to disappoint Gökhan Bilge who invited us again to come to Istanbul. As long as critics of the regime will be arrested, Turkey will not be an option for us. CIOmove depends on freedom and diversity.

Israel’s politics is not without blame. We still decided to go to Tel Aviv because this city has a very strong progressive element which we’d like to support. Please support us by sharing names, companies, places with us that deserve our attention. We will have determined an agenda by the end of August.