The Dark Side of AI

Control the  Dark Side of AI on LH 400 FRA-JFK May 1, 2019


Artificial Intelligence (AI) may make our world a better place – but not by itself. Share your thoughts about AI on LH 400 with IT-experts from around the world. And discuss with them how to avoid the evil side.


Our discourse will start on 1 May 2019 on board of LH 400 from Frankfurt to New York. It is the beginning of a global conference called “CIOmove” that brings together Chief Information Officers (CIO) of multinational companies and IT vendors from all continents. This year they will discuss the good examples where AI makes our lives more comfortable. But there’s evil, too.

CIOmove 2019 will go to New York, to Columbia University, to United Nations Headquarters and to the US Military Academy in Westpoint. If you want to know what evil AI looks like: You can find out there. Algorithms themselves have no morals. But it can be built in. Just don’t expect scientists, politicians or the military to do this automatically. Sometimes they forget without bad intentions. The subject is simply too complex for individual people to be able to make good decisions. This is why we need a discourse on ethics in AI.


On LH400 we start this discourse in three sessions:

Session 1: Learn about TensorFlow (a tutorial)

Session 2: Boost your Business with AI (a simulation game)

Session 3: Are You the Right Leader to Integrate AI? (a self-assessment)


Seats in this FlyingLab are limited and available for CxOs only. Ask for a participation here:




Session 1: Learn about TensorFlow


TensorFlow is an open-source software for dataflow programming. It gives you an idea how easy AI can be used by everybody even without having elaborated programming skills. With TensorFlow even a beginner can start machine learning applications. TensorFlow was developed by the Google Brain team that opened it to the public in 2015‍. Accenture used the tool to program a little game for “CIOmove 2019” in which face recognition plays an important role. Learn how the game was created and what is needed to make it run.


The tutorial is accompanied by interviews with:


Helmut Krcmar, Professor at Technical University Munich

TensorFlow and other tools to bring AI to life

Helmut has been following AI since the 1980s, when he obtained his doctorate at Saarland University under August-Wilhelm Scheer. He is enthusiastic about the growing possibilities in AI, which result from computing power and improved tools.


Jürgen Pinkl, Managing Director at Accenture,

Start simple – make a little game run

Jürgen is leading Accenture’s technology business cross industries in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Russia. He will explain how much workforce and what database was needed to make the “CIOmove 2019 game” run.




Simulation Game

Session 2: Boost your Business with AI


Accenture has developed a gamified learning experience in which you will need to find AI solutions to potential business problems. In teams of two you will be exploring AI capabilities, AI applications, and how AI is being applied in businesses today. Your task will be to agree on one AI application that you would bet on to tackle the presented business challenges. Business challenges such as how might a retailer increase online store sales? or how might a consumer goods company use real time data within its supply chain? Mid-game you will be switching teams, so you will not only learn about AI but have a chance to get to know other participants. It is a game, however, so there might even be some prizes.


The tutorial is accompanied by interviews with:

Frédéric Brunier, head of Accenture‘s Transformation Strategy and M&A practice in the German spoken area 

What 1200 Best Cases Can Teach You

The Accenture simulation game may be somewhat presumptuous when it calculates the economic success of new technologies. But what it definitely teaches you is: Here you can find out which technology 1200 companies use that Accenture has helped transform.


NN, Winner of the Accenture simulation game

How to Make the Best Choice

Without any own experience and with unpredictable technical developments: How do you make the right decisions when it comes to using AI in your own company?





Session 3: Are You the Right Leader to Integrate AI?


With the “Langer Maturity Arcs”, CIOs can test which IT management behavior they maintain – and which would be appropriate for their company. This is a good self-assessment to find out whether they are able and have the standing inside the company to implement AI solutions.


The self-assessment is accompanied by a video of:

Art Langer, Professor at Columbia University

Right Leader, Wrong Company

Don’t be frustrated if you can’t land with your ideas to AI. Maybe your company isn’t ready yet. Or you’re using the wrong method. Or it’s just time to find another job.