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Matthias Roese

Chief Technologist Mfg, Auto & IoT


Matthias serves as global Chief Technologist for Hewlett Packard Enterprise´s Industry Vertical Manufacturing, Automotive & IoT worldwide, based out of Germany.

He joined HPE from Siemens in 2006. His background in the consulting space means that he has great expertise in both, the OT and the IT world. For the past eight years, Matthias has worked in HPE´s consulting arm in which he was seasoned in developing solutions for customers in manufacturing, utilities and telco. Most of the recent engagements were driven by the customers LoB, with a clear focus on real business outcomes (with changing business models), rather than classic IT measures. Bridging the gap between business and IT became crucial for the majority of the companies and Matthias is one of the leaders within HPE driving this opportunity.