Schedule CIOmove 2023

Welcome Day: Thursday, May 18

Here is the best way to come to the 10thCIOmove:

fly to Porto airport (OPO) and expect a 25-min-taxi-ride to our hotel, the lodge Hotel

Rua Serpa Pinto, 60

4400-307 V. N. Gaia – Porto

03:00-06:00 pm Check-In and Set-Up of Your Personal Agenda

We will gather on the terrace of our hotel. Meet peers, partners, and scientific supporters, learn to use our tool “Peer Finder” and set up your personal agenda. Team and peers will help you. When you´re done, first touristic activities are waiting for you.

08:00 pm Official Welcome Dinner

Introduction of Newbies and Testing of Port Wines  

Academic Day: Friday, May 19th

Till 9:15

Breakfast at the The Lodge Hotel Porto, R. de Serpa Pinto 60, 4400-307 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

9:15 am walk downtown Porto

10:00 am Warm Welcome by Ricardo Valente, Mayor of Porto

10:20 am Nearshoring: How To Start In Portugal

by Klaus Straub and Martin Zierheim, former managers of BMW who now run “”

In corporation with CIOmovers, who already run nearshore corporate IT centers in Portugal

  *   Markus Sontheimer from ISS (Denmark),
  *   Martin Kolbe from K+N (Switzerland),
  *   Carsten Bernhard from eDreams (Spain) and
  *   Ursula Soritsch-Renier from Saint-Gobain (France)

11:00 am Presentation of Topics at CIOmove

By CIOs, Academic Supporters and Partners of CIOmove

12:00 amRanking of Topics

12:30 pm Bicycle- or Scooter-Tour (4km) or Shuttles

to Uptec, R. Alfredo Allen n.º 455/461, 4200-135 Porto, Portugal

1:00 pmLunch at Uptec

2:00 pm Deepdive Discussions I and II

3:30 pm Group Discussions 1-12

4:15 pm Deepdive Discussions III and IV

5:45 pm Fair and Party with students and startups

8:00 pm Shuttles back to our hotel

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Leisure Day: Saturday, May 20th

8:00 am Yoga with Claudia Ellermann or Morning Run with Horst Ellermann

9.30 am Breakfast at The Lodge Hotel Porto

10:15 am Walk from hotel to station Vila Nova de Gaia (900 m)

Luggage will be shuttled directly to Lisbon by bus

10:43 am – 1:52 pm IC 720 from Vila Nova de Gaia to Lisbon

Enjoy peer-to-peer discussions on our train ride to Lisbon (3:09 hours). And solve a programming task, prepared by the students of “42Lisboa”, the new school for software developers: Teams of CIOs, partners and scientific supporters will program a chatbot to answer questions about the weather in Portugal´s capital.  

1.52 pm arrival in Lisboa

2.00 pm explore Portugal’s Capital live – details will follow !

4:30 pm Welcome Drink on the rooftop of our hotel: The Epic Sana, Av Eng. Duarte Pacheco,

5:30 pm Guided tours through Portugal´s capital

8:00 pm Dinner at the Palacio do Grilo

With Music by Matthias Moritz and band

(Matthias was CIO of Bayer Healthcare and Almirall before focusing on playing bass guitar)

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Airport Day, Sunday, May 21st

9:30 am Breakfast at the Epic Sana Hotel, Av. Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco 15.

10:30 am Walk to “42Lisboa” – Lisbon´s new school for software developers

Rua Neves Ferreira nº13, 1170-273 Lisboa

11:30 am Warm Welcome at 42Lisboa

About the Concept / Trends in Programming/ Low Code etc.:

12:00 am Companions’ topics

1:15 pm Lunch

2:00 pm individual sessions with students

(students have to apply for a meeting in advance)

CIOs will leave from 42Lisboa to the airport individually.