Marcus moved

Our dear colleague Marcus Madelung has changed jobs! Since October 2019 Marcus has hired as Client Partner – Financial Services at Google Cloud. Previously, Marcus has been with CIOmove partner Telstra since 2013, most recently as Head of Global Accounts and Managing Director.



Marcus says the following about himself: „Everything I do centres around what customers actually want; being it either serving them with a nice meal or to provide a comfortable accommodation in one of our hotels or, later in my career, to deliver a highly complex, multi-towered ICT project & to lead highly diversified global teams. This customer centric ‘obsession’ has cemented itself in my overall approach to corporate life as it is underpinned by a strong believe in my people and our joined commitment to profitable growth. My expertise is the ability to bring the best out of people by motivating/steering individuals to achieve more than they thought was possible. My ability to focus on the details as well as the bigger picture (pls refer to my project work) and embracing the spirit of collaboration across global organisations, top off my profile.“

If you want to stay in touch with Marcus, network with him at CIOmove Match Maker or on LinkedIn.