Bam, We Did It Again!

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What does the CIOmove have to do with a forest in Cujubim, a municipality in the Brazilian state of Rondônia, in the territory of the Amazon?

Last year, at the CIOmove in Zurich, we already offset our CO2 consumption in favor  of Cujubim and offset the emissions  for each participant for the trip in 2022 on the basis of the “Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard” (GHG Protocol). The list includes emissions for mobility and overnight stays, electricity, heating and cooling consumption of the venue as well as materials and catering, waste disposal and events.

This year, we repeated this compensation for the CIOmove in Portugal and offset 147.53 t of CO₂. This corresponds to the CO₂ footprint of a car journey of 458,237 km. Incidentally, the largest share of emissions, more than 60 percent, is  attributable to the flights of all participants to Portugal.

We continue to work on reducing our CO2 footprint, but will continue to offset the part that cannot be reduced with CO2 offsets in the future.

You can find the report on the CO2 offsets of Faktor 2 Live for the CIOmove here:

Information about the project in the Brazilian rainforest supported by CIOmove in this way: