CIOmove@Linde on June 20, 2023

Linde-CIO Sandeep Sen (LinkedIn Profile) will discuss AI, Cloud, Security and Decarbonization. 

Sandeep Sen, Global CIO at Linde plc

We meet at the Linde AGORA – you find parking space at P4 & P5. Please notify at the ‘Nordpforte’ after arriving.

Here´s our agenda for Tuesday, June 20 2023:

16:00 Warm Welcome
Sandeep Sen, Global CIO of Linde plc, and Horst Ellermann, Ambassador for CIOmove
Sandeep will give a short introduction on the IT strategy at Linde, the largest industrial gases company.
Horst will provide a summary of CIOmove 2023 in Portugal.

16:30 Zero Trust and Linde’s Journey to Date:
John Goddard – Director IT Security Operations
Linde has aggressively embraced the Zero Trust principle since the end of 2021. We will discuss the steppingstones of our journey so far and the milestones that are planned for the next 12 to 18 months. We will also hear learnings about other’s Zero Trust journeys from meeting participants.

17:00 Linde’s GpT Journey
Johannes Schneider Lazar – Director Business Applications
Open AI is dominating the digital agenda in many organizations. Linde has stopped access to the public Open AI site while trying to set up its own “Linde GpT” space in partnership with Microsoft. We will discuss the steps in this regard and also learn from others, who might be on a similar journey, about their opportunities and the risks.

17:30 Identity Management and Passwordless Authentication
Sebastian Mahler – Executive Director Global Infrastructure
Identity Management is the battleground. Linde is evaluating its Active Directory strategy and approach to passwordless authentication to devices and applications to improve the security landscape. We will discuss options being evaluated and get feedback on other’s experiences.

18:00 Linde’s Role in Decarbonization and Clean Energy
 John van der Velden – Senior VP Global Sales & Technology
 Linde is playing a pivotal role in Clean Energy and working with a number of key players in this space.

18:30 – 21:00 Drinks & Dinner at the AGORA restaurant at Linde

after 21h: feel free to join us at the ‘Waldwirtschaft‘ – a typical Bavarian beer garden close to Linde

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