Day 4














  • 07.30-08.30am Individual breakfast
  • 08.40am Meeting in the lobby
  • 08.45am Shuttle to SEAT factory and meet the „White Rocket“
  • 10.00am-04.00pm Welcome at SEAT
    • Av. Ca n’Amat, 8, 08630 Abrera, Matorell
    • Guided factory tour
    • SEAT presentation by Konrad Schneider
    • White Rocket presentation by Matthias Spott, CEO of Kaskilo
  • 12.00pm Lunch break
  • 04.00pm Shuttle back to Barcelona
  • 05.00pm Arrival at Parc de Montjuïc
  • Interactive program at the parc and later at the beach
  • 07.45pm FAREWELL EVENING El Chiringuito Las Sardinitas by Moncho’s
    • Av. del Litoral, 36
  • 11.00pm Shuttle back to the hotel


Download the complete schedule (pdf)