Meeting each other safely at the CIOmove hybrid events

The CIOmove commits itself to the highest possible safety regulations at its events. Our state-certified safety officers inspect every event site upfront and elaborate on individual measures respecting the local as well as national valid regulations. Every event site it either being private or public has its individual regulation which will be respected, evaluated and carried throughout. 

‘Safe move’ stands for event organization under the highest possible standards of pandemic restriction measures and consist of a highly elaborated set of regulations:

  1. the applicable distance requirement and contact restriction are ensured by the following measures: 
  • Employees are being instructed in the following protective measures and rules of conduct (including general rules of infection protection such as “sneezing etiquette”, classification of cold symptoms, etc.), to inform participants by means of signs, notices, etc. about the hygiene rules, including the sanitary facilities.
  • Areas are being clearly delimited by a barrier and provided with a central access and a central exit. The access control is being carried out by erecting fixed barriers, by setting up guards or by attaching flutter tape.
  • Admission controls: only a certain number of persons per time/unit are permitted. In order to control the entrance, there is a registration or reservation obligation. This also serves to avoid waiting times and of “Encounter Traffic”. The minimum distance of at least 1.5 metres between waiting participants is being maintained in front of the entrance area/access area. 
  • On the premises, the distance requirement and the limitation of persons (1 person per 10 sqm with an area of up to 800 sqm or from 801 sqm in total on a maximum of one person per 10 square metres of visitor area of 800 square metres and a maximum of one person in the area exceeding 800 square metres per 20 sqm) are observed.
  • A distance of 1.5 metres is being maintained when seating, between chairs.  Attention is paid to seating that is as generous as possible.
  • As far as possible, one-way traffic routing in the area of the event is being provided with suitable markings. The marking also indicates the minimum distance of 1.5 metres between persons.
  • The avoidance of queues and congestion is ensured by a responsible supervisor.
  1. Organisation of the event:
  • Guests who are not prepared to comply with the following rules are not allowed and denied access within the scope of the house rules.
  • Contact details of the participants are being recorded and will be stored for four weeks (contact registration). These are valid for the period of 1 month beginning with the day of the visit and will be destroyed in compliance with the DSGVO.
  1. individual personal measures: 
  • participants with symptoms of respiratory infection are being denied access.
  • All staff members with direct contact to the participants are obliged to wear a mouth and nose protection.
  • All participants are obliged to wear a mouth-and-nose cover when moving around the grounds.
  • Participants must register before entering the event wash or disinfect hands. Suitable washing facilities and/or disinfectant dispensers are being provided by the the CIOmove.
  • Sanitiser for hands is provided for use after toilet facilities visits.
  1. Event related measures:
  •  Hospitality will be provided solely at the regulations for catering trade. Buffets will not be provided/operated.
  • Use of drink dispensers etc. Communal facilities are prohibited.
  • Sports and other activities of the participants that lead to increased aerosol emission (e.g. spinning, rock’n roll, etc.) are permitted, provided that a distance of 3m from other persons is maintained.
  • Rental of material that is worn on the body is waived, unless adequate disinfection or cleaning is provided.
  • Contact surfaces will be cleaned regularly with a grease-dissolving household cleaner or disinfected with a virucidal agent of at least limited effectiveness.
  • When toilets are used, appropriate access arrangements, a restriction on the number of persons and the wearing of a mouth-nose cover is provided. Depending on the size of the toilet room, the number of persons in the toilet room at the same time: The distance rules of 1.5 metres is observed. If necessary, individual toilets or urinals are going to be locked.
  • Toilets are cleaned at short intervals. It will be ensured that Liquid soap and disposable towels for the participants are available.