Save the Date: CIOmove 2020

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CIOmove 2020 to Moscow starts on June 25

Why so late? Our Russian ambassador Alexey provides the simple and captivating answer. 


CIOmove 2020 starts on Thursday, June 25, and lasts until Sunday, June 28. This is much later than in any previous year and has a simple reason: “You don’t want to stomp through Moscow in the snow,” says our Ambassador Alexey Khorunzhiy, Chairman of the IT Committee of the Moscow Exchange. Other reasons are as follows: Due to Russian holidays and the World Economic Forum in St. Petersburg at the beginning of June, we would loose good discussion partners on our “Stay Connected Tour”. In addition, summer holidays are already starting in some countries at the end of June. Anyone who wants to use the CIOmove 2020 to Moscow as a starting point for a longer trip to Russia can do so. Alexey has already compiled some excellent program items for us. There will still be changes in the agenda, but we can already reveal some highlights.


“You don’t want to stomp through Moscow in the snow,” says our Ambassador Alexey Khorunzhiy.


Academic Day starts on Friday 26 June at the Moscow Stock Exchange with a view of the Kremlin. Alexey was able to win Dmitry Scheglov, the COO of the exchange, for explanatory words on the Russian market. The CIOs of the largest Russian companies are also in demand. Just like their western colleagues, they are pushing the question around: How do we operate multinational corporations when national legislators set their own IT rules? We will address President Putin’s plans for a Russian Internet as well as Chinese and Arab restrictions on global IT. Because: Although we fundamentally reject all plans for isolation, new, exciting IT providers are emerging as a result of the national solo attempts, apart from the big American players. We will take a look at some of them, for example “Yandex”, the Russian Google.

The “Innovation Day” on Saturday, 27 June, belongs to the young and wild. We visit the Skolkovo Technopark just outside Moscow. A new city for 40000 scientists and engineers is being built here with a lot of state funding. Even if this number has not yet been reached: Representatives of Tata, Siemens and Nokia sit on the foundation’s council for the development of “Innograd Skokovo” alongside Craig Barrett (Intel), John Chambers (Cisco) and Eric Schmidt (Google). In addition, there are Russian donors who leave little doubt that a Russian Silicon Valley is being created here. We have the opportunity to talk to some of the IT innovators.

The “Leisure Day” on Sunday, 28 June, takes us out of the city again. We will leave our fabulous “Hotel Ukraine” in the morning to see the countryside of Russia. A program similar to the last day of CIOmove 2019 on the Hudson River is currently being considered. One thing is for sure: The CIOmove keeps moving. And we won’t be stomping through snow.

The complete agenda of CIOmove 2020 will be set in November.


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