Put on your Oculus Quest and let´s move to the Federation Tower in Moscow on Tuesday, September 8, at 6 pm CET. Even if you don´t own a virtual reality headset, register now. Accenture gave us 20 headsets to lend for those who sign in first.

We meet 370 meters above ground. The Federation Tower is the tallest building in Moscow. It offers a panoramic view of the entire city and would have been our first meeting room at the real CIOmove 2020. Would have been. Despite Corona, we now have the chance to meet there virtually. This has three advantages.

First advantage: For the first time in the history of CIOmove we are solving our gender and diversity problem. The white old men Jürgen and Horst look just like Ursula, Lesiba or Sundi. They all send avatars that all look the same: like green, semi-transparent ghosts.

Second advantage: Every green ghost has a built-in laser pointer. With it you can point to documents, put them in a separate folder, or float to the next meeting room and hang documents on pinboards yourself – in fact, a whole new conference experience.

Third advantage: If you have no head for heights, simply take off the 3D glasses on our virtual Federation Tower. CIOmove also works when you dial in via zoom. 

And this is, what we will experience in terms of content:

In last year’s Technology Vision, Accenture introduced a group of emerging technologies called DARQ (Distributed Ledger Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality and Quantum Computing). Now, one year later, emerging technologies like Extended Reality are gaining momentum and innovation timelines are speeding up.

To explore some of these technologies, we would like to invite you to Accenture’s Immersive Collaboration Platform.

We will start at the plenary hall at the Federation Tower in Moscow, visit innovation studios in Madrid and will even have a short design thinking session in a mountain retreat on the future of collaboration.

Let’s travel with Horst, Jürgen and the CIOmove community around the world!

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