Virtual Afterwork in May

with ALDI and Adobe

The next Virtual Afterwork will be streamed live from the site of ALDI Nord in Essen (06th of May 2021, 6:30 CEST – IN GERMAN) and will be all about retail, more precisely, about food retail.


Our guests: Sinanudin Omerhodzic, Managing Director Advanced Technology Solutions at ALDI Nord and Christoph Kull, Vice President & Managing Director Central Europe at Adobe.

At the example of ALDI Nord we will discuss insights on the future of stationary food retail and the role of technology as an enabler. Is stationary retail – especially in the food sector – in the urgent need to reinvent itself?

When choosing between online stores and local retail outlets, personal assessments of purchasing safety, environmental aspects, and working conditions play a huge role. This is shown by a study using microeconometric models at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). “During the lockdown, stationary retail outlets for non-daily needs were and are closed. In addition, there are voluntary behavioural changes in the population. This naturally shifts purchasing power to online retail,” explains Dr. Thomas Wieland, head of the project ‘Zur Raumwirksamkeit des Onlinehandels’ (On the Spatial Impact of Online Retailing) at KIT’s Institute of Geography and Geoecology (IfGG), which was released in 2018. Was the KIT-study released, or was the project (Zur Raumwirksamkeit des Onlinehandels).

We will ask Omerhodzic about how changing customer behavior accelerates digitization. Bearing in mind the agility of the food retail, we will take a look at how technology offers solutions to ALDI and traditional food retail, to pursue the path towards new customer centricity.

Technology enables the development of new structures and strategies in stationary food retail. Customer behaviour and data are changing the rules of the game, IT and marketing are increasingly becoming the biggest knowledge carriers in the company with regard to customer insights. Together with Christoph Kull we will discuss how these two areas can work together and what the benefits of close cooperation between IT and marketing can be.