7 Reasons to Join As A Partner

We know many good reasons for partners to participate in CIOmove. But if they tell that theirself, it will have a much more credible effect. So credible that they have started to wonder whether they should actually share this knowledge with potential sponsors. In the end, they chose it.


“You never get an opportunity to have so much facetime with your customers, with their prospects and understand and read their minds.”

Balkrishna Dubey, Managing Director Nagarro Germany


“CIOs exchanging experiences in the group on relevant topics that are the core of all our agendas.”

Frederic Brunier, Managing Director, Accenture Strategy


“The discussion we had was really, really good. High quality. To the point.”

Marcus Madelung, Managing Director, Telstra GmbH


“I helped moderating four of those sessions – that was very valuable for me. I learned a lot about what´s top on a CIO´s mind today and in the future.”

Per Stritich, Vice President, Box.com


“Especially for a young technology company that´s a great opportunity.”

Remy Lazarovici, Senior Vice President, Celonis SE


“I am now forth time participant. I must say it continuously improved and evolved in time.”

Markus Ehrle, Senior Vice President, Salesforce


“If I will meet one of the guys in a year or two years from now on any given fair or whatever – there is still this Tel Aviv feeling.”

Matthias Roese, Chief Technologist MfG, Auto & IoT, Hewlett Packard Enterprise