About CIOmove

CIOmove is a global conference that brings together strategic CIOs of multinational companies with an average of $5 billion in revenue from all continents, see Participants.

The format of this conference allows for in-depth networking sessions in small groups of peers with similar interests. The number of IT vendors is restricted. There will never be more than one vendor per group.

This conference will have you moving, from visiting some of the most interesting business sites to exploring unusual venues that you will not find in a guide book. You will have plenty of memorable experiences and will make personal contacts that last a lifetime.

The topics of the discussions and presentations are chosen by CIOs and led by CIOs. The Center for Technology Management of Columbia University, New York, and the Technical University of Munich, Germany, will provide educational resources and academic support.


In this video we show you how the CIOmove works


CIOmove happens annually and moves around the globe. Smaller meetings are offered between conferences to reconnect CIOs with specialized interests. So far we have travelled to:

  • USA, to discuss AI topics at Columbia University, United Nations and the US Military Academy in Westpoint, see VIDEO 2019
  • Israel,to meet the most promising startups and security companies of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, see VIDEO 2018
  • Spain, to see the world´s leading business school IESE and to meet the “Consell de CIOs de Catalunya”, see VIDEO 2017
  • UK and France, to meet the youngest Lord of Britain in London, experience a new way of learning at “l´École 42” in Paris and to see TMforum in Nice, see VIDEO 2016
  • Switzerland, to stroll through the banking district of Zurich and to become part of the World Economic Forum in Davos, see VIDEO 2015
  • Germany, to meet in the boardroom of Deutsche Bahn, visit the World´s biggest IT-fair Cebit (see photo) and see Berlin´s prospering startup-scene, see VIDEO 2014



The method for matching peers and topics at CIOmove is comparable to the “syntegration” by Anthony Stafford Beer and “open space” by Harrison Owen.

Topics at CIOmove will be clustered in the fields of:

  • Innovation (finding and adopting game-changing technologies)
  • Intelligence (communicating more effectively with better data)
  • Integration (making the business more efficient in processes)



Leading scientists like Prof. Helmut Krcmar from TUM, Prof. Arthur Langer from Columbia University and Prof. Walter Brenner from University of St.Gallen serve as “scientific supporters” at CIOmove. These constant companions invited even more scientists from MIT (2015), ETH Zurich (2016) and IESE (2017).

The world´s biggest CIO-networks contribute: “CIO Executive Council” in Boston, the “China CIO Association” in Shanghai and “Euro-CIO” in Brussels are sending delegates to CIOmove. See the whole list of supporting networks on PARTNERS.

CIOmove was an idea of Helmut Krcmar, Professor at TUM – Technical University Munich. Helmut is also one of the founders of Germany´s “CIOcircle” that started in 2002 and became the biggest CIO network in Central Europe.




Cost for CIOs:

CIOmove is a 4-day-trip that will cost 2,800 Euro plus VAT for a single or 3,500 Euro plus VAT for a couple. The costs for children staying in their parents’ room is 700 Euro plus VAT.

The following services are included:

  • accommodation costs
  • tickets and catering
  • academic program
  • spouses program

Please consider that you have to pay travel expenses to the destination also.

Reduced Pricing

In order to keep the diversity of the group on a high level, CIOmove offers sponsored seats for a limited number of participants. Talk to the ambassador of CIOmove in your country – see list on contact or contact Editor in Chief Horst.Ellermann@ciomove.com directly for further information.

Time investment

CIOmove usually starts on a Thursday and ends on a Sunday. Changes may occur depending on local needs, please check the current AGENDA. Participants do not have to take part in all event days, but it is highly recommended to attend at least the “academic day”, when all new topics will be presented and “innovation day”, when topics will be discussed in CIO sessions. The method of Professor Krcmar and his team depends on sharing knowledge by all participants.

Dress Code

Business casual or casual.


The organizer reserves the right to make audio and video recordings. Confidential information has to be declared as such and will not be published. The participant declares his/her compliance with the collection and forwarding of the data mentioned in the registration as well as the publication and use by the host of photos made during the event and interviews without compensation.