Agenda 2024

Agenda Be Here

Wednesday, May 8 – Arrival Day (if possible)

We meet at “Rick’s Café” in Casablanca before CIOmove starts.

It is not mandatory to visit the most famous bar in film history – but it is fun! And flying via Casablanca can be cheaper and more convenient. So if possible: Arrive at Rick’s. The bar opens at 8 pm and stays open all night. We have listed convenient connections to Morocco for you here: Best Ways to get to Morocco.

(Picture: Werner100359/CC4.0)

Thursday, May 9 – Peers Day

On the first official day of CIOmove 2024, you can decide which industry interests you the most. There are three options to choose from. We will shuttle you either to:

  • AXA (In Technopolis, Close to Rabat)
  • Bank Al-Maghrib (Downtown Rabat)
  • Renault (Close to Tanger)

Our “industry sessions” start at 2 pm. So you can still make it in time if you fly directly to Rabat or Tanger. At 7 pm we will gather all CIOmovers in Rabat.

(Picture: Pline/GNU)

Friday, May 10 – Academic Day

On the second day, visit the Ai Dome at the University Mohammed VI Polytechnic in Rabat. Prof. Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni and her doctoral students will show us scenarios where artificial intelligence has the greatest impact.

(Picture: University Mohammed VI Polytechnic)

Saturday, May 11 – CIO Sessions Day

Get a better idea of Morocco by taking the train to Marrakech. During the 4-hour trip, group sessions will be held on the pre-selected topics. We are already looking forward to the lively exchange and the exciting insights of the CIOs!

In Marrakech, we are staying at the Barcelo Palmeraie Hotel, which is a quarter of an hour’s drive from the centre, in the palm grove of Marrakech.

(Back to the roots: In Morocco we will have group discussions on the train again
– like at the first CIOmove 2014)

Sunday, May 12 – Leisure Day

We start the last day of CIOmove 2024 by watching the sunrise over the Atlas Mountains in a hot air balloon. A once in a lifetime experience! Alternatively (or additionally) you can explore the markets of Marrakech.

Our Scientific Supporter Barbara and Walter Brenner from the University of St. Gallen will stay longer in Marrakech. Let us know if you want to do the same. We might find a pleasant place for you to stay.

(Picture: Anne Kruschewski)