Accenture´s 6 Pillars for Resilience

Resilience is being tested like never before. Frédéric Brunier from Accenture talks about the six building blocks that enable a quick response to vulnerabilities of critical systems.



In the unfolding COVID-19 crisis, the resilience of IT systems is being tested like never before. IT and business leaders must ensure that their organizations can continue to operate through this unprecedented disruption, by quickly addressing the stability of critical business processes and underlying systems.

Based on Accenture research, most companies are already starting with a significant gap in systems resilience. The survey of 8,300 companies revealed that only a small minority are already creating future ready IT systems – enterprise systems capable of scaling innovations repeatedly and granting organizations the strategic agility they need.

For the rest, the gap has become more acute. Now is the time to take action to address systems resilience issues today and lay a foundation for the future. The leaders today and those who act quickly to address the immediate challenge will successfully navigate this crisis and emerge stronger.

The following six resilience building blocks will enable a quick response to critical systems vulnerabilities:

  • Elastic Digital Workplace: Quickly enable remote work with a focus on culture, technologies, communications and policies—at extraordinary speed and scale.
  • Hyper Automation: Accelerate existing automation investments to mitigate the impact of systems disruption, free up human resource capacity and streamline IT workforce management.
  • Architecture & Performance Engineering: Quickly resolve critical systems availability and performance constraints and scale applications to meet business demand.
  • Cloud Acceleration & Optimization: Navigate extreme surges or drops in demand, manage risk, deploy instant innovation and optimize cloud costs.
  • Service Continuity: Quickly source and onboard skilled resources to support critical in-flight services or deliver new IT projects.
  • Cybersecurity: Secure your customers, people and systems wherever they are to counter the bad actors who seek to take advantage during a crisis.

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