HPE in Munich

Eng Lim Goh, the CTO of HPE, will speak in Munich. Matthias Roese and Rainer Peters, our fellows from New York, will be there as well. And also Ambassador Alexey and some more Russian and German CIOs are in Munich on December 3 and 4. If that is not enough, here are even more good arguments by Matthias, why you should join as well.


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Matthias Roese


Artificial Intelligence – Industry 4.0 – Digitalization – Data is the new oil/gold – IT/OT Convergence – all of these are buzzwords that are currently supposed to move our industries. At our in-house fair called „Discover More“ in Munich we will exactly demonstrate how this „More“ will look like – how these buzzwords can be executed into real and most notably profitable initiatives.

More and more data are collected, some at the most unexpected steps in the product development process. Even though this data could contribute to significant improvement in the processes, many remain unused. The current state of technology are a high level of automation in general and small, separate production cells that are highly optimized within themselves. Hence follows, higher integration and the derivation of trends and tangible actions from data are still a rare find in todays production sites. Autonomous production lines which detect and react to failures before they actually happen are even rarer.


Together with our partners from Microsoft, SAP, PTC, Relimetrics, SALT, NetOnline and Schneider we will present feasible appliances for data processing at Discover More. With our OT Link solution that enables a fast and simple linkage of typical industrial solutions we will demonstrate how to leverage the data generated there. We will further illustrate the possibilities for data processing right where the data is created, how data can be transferred into the public clouds in a reasonable and secure way and which connectivity solutions such as 5G and Wifi6 are suitable for the different use cases.


We are mainly focusing on a pragmatic and holistic representation of the digitalization chain. For this, we are concentrating on showcasing practical examples of customer examples which are already scaled. Renowned customers are established global players such as SAP, Microsoft, Schneider and ABB, who show IIoT in action together with HPE.


In addition to the specifically manufacturing-oriented topics you will find many recent innovations in the areas of Edge-to-Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and Security. You will be able to experience live-demos, inspiring presentations, networking-opportunities and expert lectures.


Alongside visiting the event we can offer you the following special for the CIO-Move:

Dr. Eng Lim Goh (2019, awarded with NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal and FAZ‘s Mister Supercomputer) will be exclusively available for us on the afternoon of the 3rd of December from 3pm. After giving a short “inspirational speech” Dr. Goh will discuss the diverse aspects of Artificial Intelligence with us.




Beyond that, there will be the opportunity to exchange ideas with further CIOs who are attending Discover More. Those are Tobias Fausch (Baywa) and Falko Lameter (Kaeser) among others.


Agenda for the 3rd of December:

15.00 – 15.20: Welcome and Coffee  (official start)

15.20 – 15.50: Advancing the way people live and work by Dr. Goh

15.50 – 16.20: Fireside chat with Dr. Goh

16.30 – 18.00: CIOmove and HPE Discover More Munich  C-Level Reception


Before and after the dedicated CIOmove program there are further highlights in our HPE Discover More Munich agenda that you can visit:

13.30 – 14.50: Keynote by Antonio Neri (CEO HPE)

Starting 19.00: Dinner together in a dedicated area in Löwenbräukeller in Munich