CIOmove 2022: Hello again!

Yesterday the CIOmove 2022 started in Switzerland – with about 60 CIOs from more than 20 countries and with more than 30 of their Spouses.

We are very happy to finally meet you all again in “real life” after the pandemic and after our “little CIOmove” last year in Germany and to discuss with you face to face about the issues that move the world.

These are difficult times, the Russian war on Ukraine, the problems of global energy supply, the difficulties in maintaining global supply chains: We are all challenged by this, but we are also convinced that modern ICT technologies can make a decisive contribution to overcoming these difficult situations. After all, we have had very good experiences with this, for example with hybrid working at times of the pandemic, contributing to the resilience of our organizations and at the same time also driving digitization forward to a certain extent.

Three things that make up the CIOmove

We look forward to CIOmove 2022 with you, because as always:

  • we are moving, physically. The Move is the program. We know that by doing this, we’re also stimulating mental movement, getting us thinking – and discussing with each other.
  • we have our Spouses with us – hardly an event that offers that. We know that as CIOs you are often away from your partners. All the more reason for us to welcome you here together and to get to know Switzerland with you.
  • we have something to say to each other: this year you have proposed 53 topics that interest you and all of us. We are very much looking forward to the talks and discussions with you.

But the most special thing is the feeling that unites all of us here: those who have been with us for a long time and often and those who have joined us once or are joining us for the first time. We hope you will feel comfortable and we are looking forward to three nice days with you!

Volker and Horst