The CIOmove Afterwork will take place as a truly virtual event in Zoom on November 5th at 06:30 pm CET.  Due to the current developments we have decided to meet ETEX CIO Dirk Altgassen, ETEX CEO Rolf Haberlah and Kirill Menshov, CIO of Rostelecom, online. Join us on the first Thursday of November Register now! 

Dirk Altgassen is a happy CIO. The magazine DataNews has just named him “CIO of the year 2020” in Belgium. And even better: Just in time he has purchased Office 365 for the more than 10,000 computer workstations from Etex. The remaining IT systems from around 100 subsidiaries in 42 countries have also migrated to the Azure Cloud. So during the first corona lockdown, the employees were able to coordinate themselves at least via teams. But is that enough? Are the employees still happy after more than half a year in home offices? By the way: The Etex headquarters in Brussels are once again considered a corona risk area.

Rolf Haberlah is a happy CEO. Corona cannot really harm fibre cement. On the contrary: More and more people are taking advantage of the time of social distancing and beautifying their properties. In addition, Haberlah is based in Beckum in Westphalia, which – apart from the quarrels with the neighbouring company Tönnies – has come through the lockdowns reasonably blameless. By the way, since October 1, Haberlah’s company is no longer called Eternit but Etex Germany Exteriors. “The new name strengthens our market presence and underlines our growth targets”, says Haberlah. Over the next five years, Etex plans to invest around 100 million Euro in the new Beckum headquarters and the old Heidelberg headquarters. But is that enough to ensure smooth production in corona times?

Kirill Menshov is another happy CIO. His company Rostelecom is the largest telco company in Russia and suffers only partially from corona. The 130000 employees of Rostelecom are not complaining about too little work. In addition, Gartner has just praised Menshov’s “Karma IT” project as exemplary in terms of IT culture. Altgassen also considers Rostelecom’s architecture to be groundbreaking for its “Future IT”.

Together with Altgassen, Haberlah and Menshov we have the chance on the first Thursday in November (5.11.2020) to go deeper into the topic of leadership and the right IT. Register now!