It happened on Saturday, 27 June 2020: in the middle of our free time. Nevertheless, 72 movers sat in front of the screens for more than three hours. Only two did not quite make it to the end – and apologised for it.

That’s a real honour for TV makers: (almost) all viewers stay until the end, even though the sun is shining and the content of the show – well – isn’t really the stuff of a blockbuster. All nine (!) employees at the Faktor3 TV studio in Hamburg were extremely proud to have lost almost no viewers. Their thanks go above all:

Roland Schuetz, CIO of Lufthansa and Matthias Roese, Chief Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Together with moderator Uli Baeumer, attorney at law in New York, they discussed how to change contracts in corona times.

Christian Rasche, CIO and CDO of Coca Cola European Partners and Juergen Pinkl, lead of Accenture’s Technology business in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Russia. They discussed, how corona became a booster for agility

David Thornewill, CIO – and since 2020 also the global CSO – of DHL and Christoph Kull, VP & MD Adobe. They discussed the business needs for the future.

We also thank our academic speakers explaining the new IT challenges around the world:

  • Art Langer, Columbia University, USA, 
  • José Brito, Mackenzie University Sao Paulo, Brazil, 
  • Helmut Krcmar, TU Munich, Germany, 
  • Walter Brenner, University St. Gallen, Switzerland, and 
  • Sundi Balu, CIOmover since 2014, Singapore 

Special thanks also to all the spouses who attended the program till the very end. Their patience has been gratified by:

  • Claudia Ellermann, yoga teacher from Kansas City, teaching us to breath deeper
  • Matthias Messmer, director of the Blue Man Group in Berlin, teaching us to behave more authentic in front of the camera
  • Anastasia Gersina and Alexey Khorunzhiy from Moscow, teaching us how to cook a Russian meal, with a little help by Jonas Hupe