“Boring products, exciting customers”

Sandeep Sen, Global CIO of Linde plc

“Boring products, exciting customers” – That is a big understatement when Sandeep Sen, global CIO of Linde plc, introduces his company. Indeed, Linde is a global leader in industrial gases and engineering, with revenues of $33.4 billion in 2022. “We live our mission to make our world more productive every day by providing high-quality solutions, technologies and services that make our customers more successful and help to sustain, decarbonize and protect our planet.” That doesn’t sound boring at all!

On June 20, Sandeep and 14 of his colleagues as well as seven #CIOmove partners gathered at the company’s headquarters in Pullach near #Munich to discuss his decentralized IT business model and all the hot topics like zero trust, generative AI and sustainability. The format was a success: Sandeep and his colleagues from Linde presented their concepts for discussion, and the attending CIOs compared these concepts with their own. This quickly led to a lively discussion. Thank you, Sandeep!

We would like to thank:
Christian Ammer, CIO of Noerr
Christoph Baeck, Head of IT Platforms at Hilti
Stefan Domsch, CIO of TÜV Süd
Stefan Haverkock, CIO of Hoyer
Christian Ley, Group CIO of Brose
Axel Reinsch, CIO of Roechling
Andre Scheidhammer, CIO of Hensoldt
Alexander Schell, Head of IT at Johnson Controls
Dr. Axel Schell, CIO at Allianz Technology
Axel Schnütgen, VP Data & Digital Transformation at Takeda
Adrian Seiler, CIO of Accelleron Industries
Patrick Sturm, SVP/CTO at Sky Germany
Marc Votteler, CIO of Schaeffler Technologies

And our partners:
Stefan Brock, HPE
Peter Dyrbusch, Google
Wiebke Heizmann, Accenture
Michael Korbacher, Google
Dominik Krimpmann, PhD, Accenture
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