CIOmove@Hellmann on September 12, 2023

Hellmann CIO Sami Awad-Hartmann (LinkedIn profile) will discuss trends in logistics, recruiting in the Metaverse, corporate culture and AI.

Sami Awad-Hartmann, CIO of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Meeting point: We will meet at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Elbestraße 1, 49090 Osnabrück.

This is our agenda for Tuesday, September 12, 2023:

15:30: Warm Welcome

Sami Awad-Hartmann, CIO of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Stefan Borggreve, CDO of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Horst Ellermann, Ambassador for CIOmove

Sami and Stefan will give a brief introduction about Hellmann, one of the major international logistics providers, which focuses on cutting-edge digital services. Horst will give a summary of CIOmove 2023 in Portugal.

16:00: For the better – Together: corporate culture at Hellmann (Stefan Borggreve)
For more than 150 years, Hellmann has been a family business with a common vision: “For the better. Together.” At a time when the world is changing rapidly, the company not only wants to deliver first-class service for its customers but also join forces to make its contribution overcoming global social and environmental challenges.

16:30: Welcome to the digital Wild West of logistics – Are we ready for the challenge? (Sami Awad-Hartmann)
New trends, digitization and AI deployment. Hellmann will give an overview of the current developments in the logistics industry and discuss competition.

17:00: Reflecting on our recruiting event and internal workshops in the Metaverse
One of the big topics at this year’s Hannover Messe was the (Industrial) Metaverse. It is a technology with a lot of potential, which Hellmann has now applied to recruiting and internal workshops. Anina Lehmann (IT Marketing), Jana Engelhard (Recruiting) and Katrin Marx (Process and Methodologies) will share their experience within the Metaverse.

17:30: Our journey to the center of AI (Stefan Borggreve)
The use of artificial intelligence is currently transforming more and more industries, with AI helping us to automate and optimize processes, filter and prepare data, or improve the internal and external communication. Hellmann will provide insight into its AI journey and talk about what role AI is currently playing in the logistics industry.

18:00: Guided tour through Hellmann’s storehouse
All participants will then be invited on a guided tour through Hellmann’s storehouse – an exciting building full of history.

19:00: Drinks & Dinner at Hellmann’s storehouse
After the tour through the storehouse, dinner and drinks will be served at the same location. Enjoy the evening and share your thoughts on the exciting topics of CIOmove@Hellmann.

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For more information, please visit Hellmann’s website and check out our LinkedIn post for this event.

We are looking forward to seeing you!