Hellmann – Constantly on the Move

Freight forwarders and logistics companies have particularly benefited from the pandemic-related supply chain problems of the recent past: Warehouses had to be full, basically no matter with what. In the meantime, the propensity to buy has returned to normal – the Russian war in Ukraine and economic downturns have contributed to this.

It’s actually a good time for digital transformation, isn’t it? However, the transformation with new transport management and financial systems as well as extensive integration platforms has already begun at Hellmann, combined with a far-reaching cultural reorganisation of the family-owned company, which generates around five billion euros in turnover with around 13,500 employees at its 270 bases in 60 countries. This is a good occasion to get a first-hand impression of the more than 150-year-old traditional company on its ongoing path to modernity. On September 12, we will visit the Hellmann headquarters in Osnabrück.

Already waiting for us there are CIO Sami Awad-Hartmann (left), who, as a classic six-man, tends to the stability of IT and the defence against mischief, and Stefan Borggreve (right), who, as CDO, looks after the offensive in the 8-man position. “I also get to score goals,” says Sami, “and Stefan also has to defend.” Nevertheless, the roles of the two are clearly distributed, in a team of 450 people who work together with them as IT professionals on the digital transformation.

The industrial metaverse plays just as important a role as artificial intelligence, which is currently very much in vogue. For both topics, Sami and Stefan have use cases from recruiting and customer service that they will show us on site. Although still in the experimental stage and not yet in productive use, both concepts are being strategically tested at Hellmann for their practical suitability. This is exactly the right time to share and discuss experiences and learnings from these projects with you.

The complete programme of the CIOmove@Hellmann as well as the possibility to register for the event can be found here.