CIOmove & Corona



Dear CIOmovers,


The local administration of Moscow has declared that visitors from countries like China, Italy, Spain and Germany must stay in their hotels or homes if they come to the city from now on. Mayor Sergeu Sobjanin didn´t say how long this quarantine will last. At the moment, we are confident that the threat of corona virus COVID-19 will be over at the end of June. 






Photo: Artem Beliaikin


The quarantine is helping to slow the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. We are all concerned about its rapid spread and we will do everything we can to protect you and ourselves from infections. We assume that the worldwide peak of COVID-19 infections will come in a few weeks. Until then, it makes sense to avoid large events and crowds of people in order to contain the spread of the virus and gain time for effective countermeasures, as outlined in WHO guidelines.

We will probably see an increase in infections and illnesses until the end of April, after which we expect public life to return to normal. 

The organizers of the CIOmove are committed to following internationally-valid travel recommendations. We are on high alert for anything which could endanger the safe execution of the event or the well-being of our participants and partners. Should the WHO, the German Foreign Office or the German Health Office issue travel warnings for the event’s host country/countries, the organizers may cancel the event.


With regards,

Horst Ellermann