CIOmove: See You @ NEXT22

Block your calendar, NEXT Conference is back! The NEXT Conference 2022 will take place on September 22/23, 2022 in Hamburg.
At this year’s NEXT Conference in September, 1,000+ digital decision-makers, innovators, thought leaders and creative minds will once again meet at Hamburg’s cultural melting pot St. Pauli.
Our theme this year: HUG THE SYSTEM. Together with international experts, we’ll discuss the technology trends that will shape our lives in the coming years and the new realities that users and companies should embrace or must adapt to.
At CIOmove, we will be talking about the metaverse – for real this time. Just like three years ago, analysts, artists, company leaders and visionaries will occupy the stages along the Reeperbahn. And we will be right in the middle of it. Meet Volker or Horst at “Schmidts Tivoli” or the theaters nearby and take advantage of the free concert tickets for the Reeperbahn Festival which takes place simultaneously. Tickets are also transferable to colleagues. See the whole program here:
We’re looking forward to see you in Hamburg!