Gartner Reveals: Kangaroos in Austria!

According to Gartner’s annual global survey, 72% of CIOs say artificial intelligence will be a game-changing technology in the next three years. An Austrian CIO adds: “100% of natural stupidity will remain.”

Karl Neumann, CIO of Austria-based Constantia Flexibles, a global leader in flexible packaging, is sure: Natural Stupidy will last – not only for the next three years. When he received his badge for this year’s Gartner Symposium, he found the Australian flag on it (see photo). Three percentages are therefore empirically proven by Gartner: 72% of CIOs believe in AI. 100% stupidity will remain with us. And about 13% of American Gartner employees – at least the ones who print the badges – have absolutely no clue where to find Austria on a map.

A few more numbers from the symposium in Barcelona: 74% of CIOs believe that spending on AI will increase in 2024. In comparison, 81% say the same for IT security. 46% of CIOs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa are moving towards “co-owning digital leadership with their CxO peers”, also known as ” Franchising of IT”. And 100% of the CIOmovers in Barcelona are sure: Before you start sucking in new buzzwords and percentages at the Symposium, it is worth coming early for a relaxing dinner on Sunday evening.

17 CIOmovers joined us at “La Dolça Herminia”, the restaurant close to “SEAT:Code”, where we met the year before already. Some of them even came in the afternoon before the Gartner Symposium started. We were bouldering with Carla Martínez Vidal (see photo: in the middle of the first row). Carla is number 21 on the list of fastest female boulderers. Here’s what we learned for next year: Save the date for 2024: On Sunday, November 3, the evening before the Gartner Symposium starts, we will definitely meet again for dinner in Barcelona. And – if possible – come earlier to join us for some kind of activity in the afternoon. It’s fun.