Rising to New Heights in Marrakech 

(Pictures: Anne Kruschewski)

At the end of CIOmove 2024 in Morocco, all participants can look forward to a once in a lifetime experience: We will watch the sunrise over the Atlas Mountains – from a hot air balloon!

Located in the heart of Marrakech, Ciel d’Afrique has been offering hot air balloon rides for over 30 years. Together with this renowned operator, we are organizing a hot air balloon ride for all CIOmovers on 12 May 2024, during which we will be able to enjoy the fabulous landscapes of Morocco. During the trip, we will be able to see the most beautiful places of the country: The desert, villages and Berber oases, mountains, gorges and much more. Experienced pilots will fly us over Morocco for about an hour, taking into account all the important comfort and safety measures.

Further information and impressions can be found on the Ciel d’Afrique website.

You can find our agenda for CIOmove@Morocco with further details about the event here.

If you have any questions about CIOmove 2024 or the hot air balloon ride over Morocco, please contact Claudia Michel (Claudia.Michel@ciomove.com).