Topics at CIOmove 2021

Quantum Computing, Sustainability and a Cookieless Future

CIOs, IT providers and students from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) prepared 45 topics for this year’s CIOmove. 30 of them were selected by the participants. Many topics have been discussed in working groups of previous years already.

One topic was absolutely new at this year´s CIOmove that started at Daimler in Stuttgart on July 8 and ended with Audi and Siemens in Heilbronn on July 11. “IT as Sustainability Booster” is the remarkable topic by Ralf Blessmann, who advises automotive companies for Capgemini. It is remarkable because CIOs alway believed it’s a topic that involves a lot of talk and little action. Since 2014, they have voted against every topic proposal that had “sustainable” in the title. Now, for the first time in the history of CIOmove, “sustainability” made it onto the agenda. Now, for all times, at our first CIOmove to the German car manufacturers.

Blessmann´s topic made it into the agenda probably because Jan Brecht, CIO of Daimler, announced in his opening speech that sustainability is one of his most important topics. “IT as Sustainability Booster” got an average rating of 2.95. As a reminder: All participants at CIOmove rate the proposed topics on a scale from 1 (uninteresting, I don’t want to discuss further) to 5 (interesting, I want to discuss in depth).

2.95 on a scale of one to five – that sounds pretty mediocre. However, it should be borne in mind, that more and more CIOmovers are voting tactically. That is, they rarely award the five and often the one. In this way, they increase the probability of being sorted into the preferred working group by the algorithm. Even the most sought-after topics therefore rarely make it above 3.0.

Here is the list of the five top-rated topics:

Rank 1:

Quantum Computing (3,42) by Jan Huppertz, TUM, discussed with:

  • Carsten Priebs, Randstad
  • Andreas Beeres, Schott
  • Michael Stein, TUM
  • Ursula Ziwey, Duerr
  • Rainer Peters, HPE

Rank 2:

Transitioning IT to a Digital First Business (3,24) by Johannes Diebig, Salesforce, discussed with:

  • Markus Bentele, Mahle
  • Christian Demler, Südzucker
  • John Cedrick Aller, TUM
  • Dorothée Appel, ABN Amro

Rank 3:

Building a Data Culture – Across the Entire Organisation (3,20) by Thomas Plack, Salesforce, discussed with:

  • Jan Babst, Logista
  • Tobias Fausch, Baywa
  • Markus Bentele, Mahle
  • André Fel, TUM

Rank 4:

“Bring Your Own Brain” instead of “Bring Your Own Device” (3,17) by Christian Neugebauer, AVL, discussed with:

  • Elena Corzo, TUM
  • Sami Awad-Hartmann, Hellmann
  • Harald Berger, Freudenberg
  • Matthias Roese, HPE

Rank 5:

Business Value Creation Using Data Centric Architectures (3,11) by Stefan Brock, HPE, discussed with:

  • Tobias Fausch, Baywa
  • Roland Schütz, Phoenix
  • Claudia Bertram-Kretzberg, Kloeckner

At this point it is already clear that this year, too, topics with generic titles are more likely to slip into the top places of the top-rated topics. Who would say with “Bring Your Own Brain” that the topic doesn’t interest them at all? Of course, the peers reward their colleague Christian Neugebauer, CIO of AVL, with at least a 3 for the nice title.

Special topics never create great average scores, but still find their fans. As a rule, three fives are enough for our algorithm to accept a topic as set. That’s the beauty of this method: topics don’t have to become broad and generic to make it onto the agenda.

Examples of specific topics (which are much better discussed in the short time available) can be found at the end of the topic ranking:

Rank 26:

Schrems II: Will Public Authorities Blast Cloud-Strategies? (2,71) by Hartmut König, Adobe, discussed with:

  • Roland Schütz, Phoenix
  • Oliver Hanisch, Campus Founders
  • Ingo Elfering, Fresenius
  • Peter Meyerhans, Drees&Sommer
  • Sebastian Schleicher, TUM

Rank 27:

The Relationship between CIO and CDO (2,70) by Sami Awid Hartmann (CIO) and Stefan Borggrewe (CDO), Hellmann, discussed with:

  • Helmut Krcmar, TUM
  • Bernd Rattey, Deutsche Bahn
  • Stefan Borggreve, Hellmann
  • Ursula Ziwey, Duerr
  • Andreas Weber, ServiceNow

Rank 28:

Gamification or „We Do Not Play“ (2,68) by Carsten Priebs, Randstad,
discussed with:

  • Elena Corzo, TUM
  • Oliver Hanisch, Campus Founders
  • Jürgen Pinkl, Accenture
  • Sebastian Schleicher, TUM
  • Kewin Stoeckigt, Schwarz
  • Peter Lämmer, Sitecore

Rank 29:

Building a Cyber-Sec Roadmap based on CIS-Controls (2,67) by Matthias Trabandt, Swiss Life, discussed with:

  • Andreas Beeres, Schott
  • Hanna Hennig, Siemens
  • Michael Kollig, Google
  • Charles Dylan Sullivan, TUM
  • Jürgen Sturm, ZF

Rank 30:

Cookieless Future: The Value of Own Data (2,60) by Christoph Kull, Adobe,
discussed with:

  • Gayathri Naveen, TUM
  • Matthias Trabandt, Swiss Life
  • Helmut Krcmar, TUM
  • Stefan Borggreve, Hellmann
  • Frank Hoe, l´Oréal

On places 31-45 there are still plenty of good, special topics that deserve to be discussed. One example is “From Farm-2-Fork” by Sebastian Schleicher from TUM. The necessary CIOs would certainly have been found for the IoT applications in the food industry – if this CIOmove had not been limited to only 50 participants. We hope that the next CIOmove in Moscow will be at least as large as the previous ones.

Finally: A list with all topics from GAIA-X to “Scan+Pay” to “Robo-Shuttles” and “Chiefmartech” is available for the CIOmove participants. However, we have decided not to make it publicly available, as it shows which CIO is interested in which topics. This knowledge should be reserved for the eight partners of the event. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Accenture, Adobe, HPE, Salesforce, Gapgemini, Servicenow, Sitecore and Google once again for their courageous support of this year’s CIOmove. We almost had to cancel the event because of a positive Corona case.