Ofer Cohen

Ofer Cohen

CIO of Mivtach Simon,


200m USD




Ofer Cohen about himself:

I am working in the biggest insurance Agency in Israel, which is part of "Migdal" insurance Group. I serve the Agency as CIO for the last five years and looking forward to my next position.

I have been serving in the position of CIO for the last 23 years and before the insurance Agency I had the honor to work in one of  the Prime Minister's offices, on one of the biggest fuel company in Israel and in the area of mobile communication, all of them as CIO.

I see digital transformation in a very broad perspective and believes that it should influence and change the form of work and culture of the entire organization and not only it's dialogue with the customer, and yet, it should not come at the expense of interpersonal relationships between people.

Through the Digital, a new language develops and there is an ability to create new products, and those who will not know to understand it simply will not survive.

I think Digital transformation is an existential necessity and not only another buzzword, but yet, what you are doing in this area should be measured in a business and economic ways.

I am very concerned about the quality of the data and about the ways to keep it safe and protected especially today when GDPR is knocking on the door. this is the reason why I see MDM (Master Data Management) and 360 view of all the entities in the organization also as a key topic.

Regulation is also a heavy, burdensome and budget-intensive issue and since its schedules are very strict many times it collides and interferes with the work plan and budget.

And a few words about management and leadership, I strongly believe that the key to personal and organizational success is a combination of strong management capabilities, a constructive leadership and a lot of emotional intelligence. I demand that each of my employees be a manager, a human being and a leader in his little piece of God.


Mivtach Simon is a corporation licensed as a pension insurance agency – under the full ownership of Migdal Insurance Company Ltd.

The company provides services in the management of pension, insurance and financial plans, as well as in other fields. Mivtach Simon, which works with most of the insurance companies and pension funds in Israel, handles an annual billing volume of about NIS 4 billion, and provides services to some 220,000 insured clients and 6,000 employers, organizations and companies, including some of the leaders in the Israeli economy. Our clients include Elbit Systems, Microsoft, Cellcom, Maccabi Healthcare Services, Amdocs, Super-Pharm, Visa-Cal, HOT, and many others.

Mivtach Simon integrates within its operational model the full range of its advantages as a large, strong, and stable company, with an ongoing commitment to providing personal, professional, and high quality service.

A number of client-focused divisions operate in the company: the business and marketing divisions, operating systems, professional staff in charge of information management and training, as well as divisions specializing in health insurance and finance.

  • 2013-present: CIO at "Mivtach-Simon" the biggest insurance Agency in Israel, part of "Migdal" insurance Group
  • 2012-2013: Senior project manager ant consultant to the CIO local government population and authority
  • 2009-2011: CIO prime minister office and head of MEGA project
  • 2004-2009: CIO "DOR ALON" energy leading fuel and convenience store company
  • 1996-2004: CIO "Eurocom Nokia" leading cellular company
  • 1980-1996: A veriety of roles at "leumi" bank, The biggest Bank in Israel
  • Bachelor's degree math and computers in Tel-Aviv university