Your hosts in Spain: Manas Fuloria, Nagarro

Manas Fuloria is responsible for defining Nagarro’s strategy and brand promise and for aligning various functions to deliver successfully on these. He plays the CEO role at Nagarro and is also a member of the Executive Board of​ Nagarro’s parent company, Allgeier SE. Manas has a background in technology and operations management with PhD and BTech degrees in the subject from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and an MSE degree from Stanford University. He has worked as a researcher with the Harvard Business School’s Technology and Operations Management group, and has advised Fortune 500 companies on operations strategy. A co-founder of Nagarro, his previous entrepreneurial ventures have included Dextrous Faber in manufacturing, SupplyChainge in stochastic retail supply chain optimization, MNI Partners in consulting, and the Proton Business School. He has spent half his life in the US, Europe and the Middle East and is now based in Delhi while traveling extensively.

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