What keeps me busy

David Thornewill

David Thornewill

Well, my focus is in two main areas and probably the two that keep most of my peers busy. 

First is the area of Information Security keeping up, catching up and trying to get ahead of a rapidly accelerating curve.  My key aim this year is to get the overall topic of risk management much closer to the business decision makers, especially as we digitize more services and we increasingly take on attributes of a software company.

Second is digitization itself. Projects that were concepts and prototypes only 12 months ago are accelerating and starting to take on production scale and dimensions. Meanwhile, old systems are yet to be replaced, hence we have the double challenge of skills shortages and increased workload.

Furthermore, in relatively new areas such as NLP and RPA the market is bubbling with new providers and old ones claiming to be reborn, making selection a somewhat hit and miss affair.

I certainly look forward to discussing experiences and sharing war-stories and mutual commiserations with my colleagues in a couple of months’ time.