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Dirk Altgassen

Dirk Altgassen

In 2015 Etex started a “journey towards a promising future” with a new CEO. Also in the field of IT Etex broke new ground by starting the “Etex IT journey”. 

After a first assessment of the existing IT organization and infrastructure, we created an IT strategy with the following main topics:

  • Create and align a new IT organization which also incorporates the “local IT” and is feasible to deliver the needs of the business
  • Renovate, update and create a future application and infrastructure landscape for the Etex business with the right ourcing options for the future
  • Support and enable the business in the field of “Digital”

In 2016 we have already transformed a part of the IT organization and started to rollout Microsoft Office 365 to 10.000 users. In 2017 we continue with the transformation of the IT organization globally and also implement the set up application roadmap.