Why Join CIOmove?

After the CIOmove 2017 in Spain, participants stated what they gained from the trip from Madrid to Barcelona and why they will come back in 2018:

Each year CIOmove evolves to optimize the experience.

In 2014, the conference was tied to Cebit, the world’s largest IT fair at the time. In 2015, CIOmove visited the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. CIOmove 2018 took participants from London to Paris and then to TMforum in Nice.

The fourth CIOmove 2017 built upon the success of the previous conferences, but also had three new components:

  1. CIOmove 2017 grew up and became a Stand-Alone-Event. For the first time we did not tie the conference to another event. This allowed us to spend the whole time on the topics of our choice. A larger number of CIOs took part in discussing topics that are relevant to them.
  2. For the first time we invited local CIO networks. Local CIOs invited us to their companies and their work sites. Thank you to the “Consell de CIOs de Catalunya” for helping us organize this and many thanks to the sponsoring CIOs of Seat, Cespa, Banco Popular, Abanca,Logista,  eDreams and the Port of Barcelona.
  3. CIOmove 2017 became even more global. For the first time, CIOs from African countries were able to join us. Even if the financial and government organizations of Togo, Ivory Coast and Tunisia do not belong to the largest member organizations of CIOmove, they enrich our perspective of the IT world because their suppliers do not only encompass large vendors, but also smaller, local suppliers.

In 2018 we will continue to innovate and leave the established and more or less saturated markets to visit Tel Aviv, Israel, a hub for start-up IT companies.