Why Russia?

First: CIOs voted for it in New York. Second: Our Ambassador Alexey Khorunzhiy created a gorgeous program. Third: Our scientific supporters explain, why it is worth joining the tour:

There is a world outside the GAFAS. All major players from the valley face strong competition in Russia: Russians search with Yandex instead of Google. They prefer shopping with Alibaba instead of Amazon. They chat with VK and other apps, instead of Facebook and WhatsApp.

There are many examples of local competitors offering the same – or better – services. This is one reason why you should take a closer look at Russia. Another reason: In May 2019, the Russian parliament adopted a law that is supposed to make “Runet”, the Russian Internet, independent. The officials want to prevent cyberattacks and to keep Runet functioning in case the West cuts off the country from the World Wide Web.

This law may be used to control the press and cut off VPN connections as well. Tests are on-going since November.

One of the topics at CIOmove 2020 will be: How can global companies stay connected, while national interests grow? As the historian Yuval Harari points out, it is quite normal that politicians around the world try to protect local markets after 30 years of globalization. But Harari provides hope: As soon as people realize that protectionism does not perform very well they want to face global competition again. Let´s discuss how to speed up this process.


Your scientific supporters of CIOmove

Prof Helmut Krcmar, Technical University of Munich

Prof Art Langer, Columbia University

Prof Walter Brenner, University St. Gallen