AI, Future Internet and Sustainability at The Heart of CIOmove

CIOmove ambassador Mohamadou Diallo, Directeur Général at CIO-mag in France.

Nearly 70 CIOs from some fifteen countries in Europe, America and Africa, covering various sectors of activity (banking, insurance, finance, industry, health, telecoms) met for a “Learning Trip” in Zurich (Switzerland). Organised by CIOmove from 14 to 17 July, the meeting was based on an original concept of permanent itinerancy combining academic reflection and practical case studies, networking, hobbies and visits.

This text by Mohamadou Diallo first appeared in the French CIO magazine. If you choose the English language setting on the CIO-mag website, you can also read the article in English.

In the text, participants from Africa described their impressions of CIOmove. We do not want to withhold these voices from you.

Arnaldo Ribeiro, CIO of Sococim Industrie and President of the DSI Club Senegal 

“The diversity and above all the opportunity for us French-speaking Africans to have exchanged and established contacts with German-speaking and Anglo-Saxon suppliers and CIO colleagues is to be welcomed. I think that CIOmove is in this sense an excellent opportunity for us to understand our approaches differently and to think about exploring methods, strategies and resources outside the French-speaking perimeter.”

Gertrude Koe Douyerene, Executive Director UNETEL, Côte d’Ivoire 

“I attended a quality meeting, the exchanges were really enriching because they were multicultural and with managers working in various fields of activity. The academic programme was dense, rich and diversified. The fusion of theory and practice is a good thing. It allowed me to look at business and social issues from a new perspective. I enjoyed the “AI and Ethics” lecture and the Google Earth presentation. The leisure time was good for networking. The visit to the city of Lucerne, a real cultural tour, was a real treat for me.”

Hicham Chigue, President of Ausim Morocco

“This edition is quite special because it is a first edition that was made after the pandemic and today what is remarkable is that we managed to find a large African delegation, for the Moroccan delegation came in force. What is interesting is that the scientific programme was very well put together insofar as we saw big names who spoke about different subjects that are very interesting, whether it be speakers from Google but also from the University of Zurich and the Ecole Polytechnique. These were ideas and subjects that are of interest to CIOs and that will inevitably touch on current issues that CIOs are working on.”

Amara Bouzayani, CIO UIB Groupe Societe Generale, Tunesie

“The most important thing is the scientific content with current topics. The first day was about artificial intelligence, the future of the internet and intelligent transport, mainly use cases in Switzerland related to optimising oil consumption and reducing carbon emissions (CO2). So it’s a very topical subject. The most important thing is the concept itself. We are on the move every day, CIOmove is really a concept where people are on the move all day. There were also some very interesting side activities. We Africans are in contact with each other, but this allowed us to get together with our neighbours from Senegal, the Ivory Coast, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. There are European ISDs who come mainly from Germany and Switzerland. So it was very interesting in terms of content and connection with other experiences.”