Of Helicopters and HANA

Dieter Schmidbaur, CIO, Airbus Defence & Space

Almost 25 participants, four speakers, five helicopter passengers: that’s the balance of the CIOmove at Airbus Defence & Space in Ottobrunn near Munich at the end of October.

For five of the 15 participants, the highlight came right at the start of the CIOmove at Airbus Defence & Space: they won a half-hour helicopter flight over Munich, which the company invited them to take – in perfect weather, clear visibility and sunshine.

The five indomitable – before the helicopter flight over Munich (from left to right): Johannes Diebig, Salesforce; André Scheidhammer, Hensoldt; Carlos Perez Barriocanal, ITP Aero; Christian Ammer, Noerr; Uwe Rothe, RUAG Ammotec.

During this time, the other participants* enjoyed a guided tour of Airbus’ corporate history, which ostensibly began in 1970 with its founding as a Franco-German joint project of Aérospatiale and Daimler-Benz Aerospace (DASA), but actually dates back to the beginnings of aviation at the start of the 20th century.

Where past, present and future come together: Airbus Defence & Space in Ottobrunn

We’ll skip the middle part of that story 😉. Right now, around 1,100 of Airbus Defence’s nearly 33,000 employees are working in the defense company’s digital division to help build efficient, intelligent and secure services for the overall organization – a good portion of them from the company’s own data center on its premises in Ottobrunn, near Munich.

Airbus Defence & Space is a division of the international Airbus Group and at the same time the leading defense and space company in Europe, second largest space company in the world and among the ten largest defense companies worldwide.

CIO Dieter Schmidbaur guides CIOmove participants through the history of more than 100 years of aeronautics and aerospace

Dieter Schmidbaur, CIO@Airbus Defence & Space, joined EADS, as Airbus’ predecessor used to be called, in April 1999 as VP & Head of Corporate & Headquarter Services. From 2002 to 2005, he was CIO of EADS Military Aircraft and has since been CIO of Airbus Defence & Space. Together with his colleagues Pieter Schouwstra, Head of ERP Roadmap, Hendrik Sippel, Project Leader DDMS@EuroDrone, and Narges Kaynia, Head of Digital Platforms, ARC @ Airbus DS, Schmidbaur presented his IT strategy to the participants of the CIOmove on October 25, which revolves around S4/HANA and the Airbus Restricted Cloud (ARC). With ARC, Airbus Defence & Space has created the first private cloud approved by the four national security authorities of Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. And by installing S4/HANA, Airbus will eliminate the need for 18 major legacy SAP systems and 50 smaller ERP systems worldwide.

Thank you for letting us be your guest!

* Joining were these guests: Christian Ammer, Noerr; Piera Carra, Avio Aero; Markus Grubwinkler, Haas Group; Carlos Perez Barriocanal, ITP Aero; Carsten Priebs, Randstad; Rolf Reinema, ZF Group; Uwe Rothe, RUAG Ammotec; Hubert Schech, Rodenstock; Andre Scheidhammer, Hensoldt; Alexander Schell, Johnson Controls; Peter Seidel, Lilium; Lutz Seidenfaden, MTU Aero Engines; Sandeep Sen, Linde; Matthew Timms, Advent; Dietgar Völzke, Netfonds.