Day 4

Location: Hotel Pullman Montparnasse, 19 Rue Commandant René Mouchotte, 75014 Paris

06:30 am: 08:30 am Breakfast
07:30 am: 08:30 am please bring your luggage to the reception, it will be shuttled separately to the Gare de Lyon

Please note: Spouses flying to Nice will have to get up earlier.

08:45 am: CIOs meet at the reception

09:15 am: Shuttle to Gare de Lyon
Driving distance is only 27 minutes, but traffic is unpredictable on a Monday morning.

10:19 am: Departure of TGV-Train to Nice

CIO’s will have 60 minute sessions for the review of every topic on the train to Nice. Due to the matchmaking that was done overnight the CIOs will split up in groups of 2 to 6 participants. They discuss their topics concerning innovation, intelligence or integration for 45 minutes and then spend 15 more minutes to write down a recommendation for the rest of the group.

Up to 8 groups are working in parallel. Participants join 4 sessions. A whole wagon is reserved for the CIOmove.