Our Kick-Off in Casablanca: Play It Again, Sam!

The CIOmove officially starts on Thursday, May 9, 2024. Unofficially, however, the first participants will meet the evening before. They gather at “Rick’s Café” –  just like in the classic film “Casablanca”. There are at least three good reasons for arriving there.

1. flights to Casablanca are more frequent and usually cheaper than to Rabat or Tangier, where the programme officially starts, see Best Ways to Get to Morocco.

2. buses and trains will take us from our hotel in Casablanca to the first venues on Thursday morning. So it’s enough to just fly to Casablanca. We have already booked hotel and shuttle, see Agenda at a Glance – CIOmove.

3. “Casablanca” is one of the best and most famous films in cinema history. And we will meet in the restaurant where a resourceful American has recreated the film set from the Hollywood classic. Sam is no longer sitting at the piano and Humphrey Bogart is no longer at the roulette table. Nevertheless, “Rick’s Café” is a wonderful place to get in the mood for Morocco, see Rick’s Café (rickscafe.ma)

A reminder for those who don’t quite remember the 1942 film: There are three phrases in “Casablanca” that everyone has heard. All of them fit the CIOmove.

1 “Play it again, Sam”, Ingrid Bergmann breathes to the pianist who is supposed to remind her of old times in Paris. There – according to the script – Bergmann and Bogart had an affair until 1940 when the German soldiers invade. The lovers go into hiding separately and find each other again by chance in Casablanca.

Parallel to the CIOmove: we too have danced and drunk champagne in Paris, just as we will do again in Casablanca. At CIOmove 2016, we celebrated the 50th birthday of Tom Henkel, CIO of EDE, there. In 2024, we already know about another birthday child.

2 “Here’s looking at you”, Bogart says to Bergmann when she wants to fall in love with the gentleman in the trench coat for the second time. Bogart would like to agree, but sees how important Bergmann is to her husband – and how important this husband is to the common cause (fighting the Nazis).

Parallel to the CIOmove: It’s okay to look another (business) partner deep in the eye, especially if you have to assume that the old one is dead. But with good and loyal providers and software vendors – such as those on the CIOmove – we advise against swapping partners. Like Bogart.

3 “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”, Bogart says at the end of the film to the police chief of Casablanca when he does not arrest him for shooting the evil Nazi.

Parallel to the CIOmove: Of course, lots of friendships will be made again in 2024. No one has to get shot in the process. After all, there are no Nazis involved.

By the way: On May 8, 1945, the Nazis signed the unconditional surrender. So the Germans are celebrating the end of the Second World War for the 80th time in “Rick’s Café”. Everyone should actually join in the toast.

Photo: David Ausserhofer (with a little help of the Warner Brothers)