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America´s CIO network from the US


At The Heart of Leadership

Believing in a members-first approach, CIO Executive Council provides strategic leadership development for the transforming c-suite at the world’s most influential and evolving organizations.

A Story Rooted in History

We believe in the exceptional. Aspirational leaders at the forefront of business are both guiding the future and seeking guidance. With transformation comes uncertainty. And with more responsibility comes a greater need for empowerment. At CIO Executive Council, everything we do is centered around looking to our members as influencers. We are passionate about connecting them globally and promoting their professional growth through our blend of programs, lifelong learning and inspired events. We call ourselves leadership advocates because we believe in change and approach it with a sense of purpose that is tied to championing and caring for our members at every level. It’s our passion and at the heart of everything we do.

A Mission of Empowerment

Our mission is to empower the success of today’s strategic leaders in a time of massive business transformation. We understand and care deeply about the leaders and organizations we serve, forging personal, trusted relationships. We are proud to be aligned with the world’s most influential organizations, delivering relevant value that drives business and personal prosperity.