Partner: CIOCAN

Canada´s CIO network

The CIO profession is one of the most critical in business and industry today –CIOs hold the future of innovation, productivity and competitiveness in their hands. At the CIO Association of Canada, we not only provide our members with an exchange forum for best IT leadership strategies and practices to enhance business results, we are developing a strong voice to ensure that CIOs are represented at key industry and government decision tables. In other words: Growth. Influence. Impact.


The CIO Association of Canada (CIOCAN) represents IT Executives and CIOs in Canada.

CIOCAN is a not-for-profit community of CIOs and IT leaders whose mission is to facilitate networking, sharing of best practices and executive development, and to collaborate on issues facing CIOs/IT Executives.


The CIO Association of Canada was founded in 2004, extending to a national level the success of the CIO Association of BC created in 1998.

The new national association has grown adding new chapters in Ontario (March 2007), in Edmonton (April 2009), in Calgary (October 2010), in Victoria (April 2012 (later merged with Vancouver) in Ottawa (April 2013) and Manitoba (October 2014) with other chapters on the horizon.



CIOCAN’s volunteer national board sets overall policy and direction for the Association, runs the national e-seminars, leads advocacy initiatives, and provides chapter support in marketing, public affairs, member relations and development. Each chapter elects its own president and board of directors, some of whom take on volunteer portfolios such as marketing and program development. The national board includes chapter presidents as well as representatives from other Canadian regions. Funding is through membership fees.