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Evention has organized many conferences and meetings, both big and small. This means years of experience, lots of participants, and many partners. We know what makes for a successful event. We can develop and tailor your message to the attendees, and ensure their engagement. And we know how to run demand generation activities and promote the event in a way that delivers results.

We are intimately familiar with all the risks involved in such projects, and we can manage them effectively. Successful con­ferences are in our DNA. We are experts in our field.

Good organizational skills and the ability to manage an event project are just the bare minimum. What really matters is choosing a relevant, sufficiently large audience, and having the right agenda – these are the factors that determine the importance and impact of your meeting. We can dynamically manage the multifaceted process of attendee recru­itment, and we have the resources to do that effectively. In addition, we are well versed in the subject matter: various aspects of information technology use in the context of corporate and government operations. The ability to combine all of the above is our value-added proposition.

We look forward to meeting you at our own Evention conferences and working with you on organizing your compa­ny’s events. Partners who come back to us time after time for assistance with their conferences and, above all, satisfied attendees are the measure of our success and a living proof that our efforts deliver the desired outcomes.

If you

  • Would like to run effective event marketing.
  • Want to organize your company event in collaboration with a partner who has many years of experience and has done it many times.
  • Are looking for someone who will help you organize a successful conference, taking on most of the work and difficult tasks.
  • Prefer to attract only the right attendees who fit the desired profile.
  • Need out-of-the-box ideas on how to build relationships with prospective clients.
  • Would like to have good follow-up from your meeting.

Talk to us!

Przemysław Gamdzyk
Meeting Designer, Chairman of the Board of Directors