Partner: TM Forum

Who we are

TM Forum is the global industry association for digital business, connecting talented individuals, leading companies, and diverse ecosystems to accelerate our members’ successful digital business transformation. The collective experience and interests of our member community comprised of tens-of-thousands of professionals within 900+ market-leading organizations drives everything we do, from thought-provoking research and publications, to practical guidance, collaboration programs, tools and best practices, hands-on events, and training for business and IT leaders.

Industry analyst firm Stratecast (Frost & Sullivan) named the Forum in February 2015 as one of 10 to Watch in 2015 because “the industry is about to be turned upside-down and inside-out by new open architectures such as NFV, SDN and public cloud,” and that as a long-time “industry cornerstone,” the Forum “recognizes the scope of change” and is developing “practical guidance for transitioning to the future.”

What we do

To guide our members’ digital transformation, the Forum provides hands-on collaboration programs and communities; thought-provoking research and publications; tools, best practices, and standards such as TM Forum Frameworx™; conferences and workshops; and training for business and IT leaders. Facilitating meaningful collaboration and networking among our members is at the heart of TM Forum’s mission.

Why we do it

“By our members, for our members” is the Forum’s core mantra, and we are passionate about helping our members become successful digital businesses. Yet to do so, all companies – large and small, and across a wide range of industries – need to address three major challenges:

  • Transform IT and operations to reduce cost, minimize risk, and improve business agility and time to market
  • Deliver new value-added services quickly, easily, and securely with partners
  • Maximize market share and enhance customer engagement, loyalty and growth

Because the Forum is able to “connect the digital ecosystem,” we are uniquely positioned to help our members solve these challenges and rapidly innovate to deliver new services, improve business agility, partner for success, reduce cost and risk, and enhance customer value and loyalty.

How we do it

Three Strategic Programs – Agile Business and IT, Open Digital Ecosystem, and Customer Centricity – are the lens through which the Forum delivers our collaboration programs, research, standards, events, and training to our members. These programs focus on a wide range of pressing digital industry topics – NFV/SDN, Internet of Things (IoT), customer engagement, data analytics, and security and privacy to name a few – to address the three major challenges outlined above and enable our members to innovate faster, better, and more effectively than they could ever hope to achieve on their own.

TM Forum Live!

How do you thrive as a business in the digital world? TM Forum Live! addresses the key challenges being faced in todays connected world. How do you successfully manage hybrid networks end-to-end? What are the metrics that matter most in a digital world? What are the innovative business models for smart cities? How do you create a common language for the digital marketplace? TM Forum 2016 connects senior executives from across the globe – creating an environment where you can debate, learn and develop the right relationships. To create your own personalized program please check