CIOmove Virtual Afterwork @ Henkel

Join us at our Virtual Afterwork with Michael Nilles from Henkel on January 14, 2021 at 6:30 PM CET.

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Henkel CDIO Michael Nilles will present his insights about the new digital unit “Henkel dx”. Michael founded this extra business unit to promote the company´s brands like Persil, Perwoll and many others. He will explain his strategy “From Soap to Software”.

Some of you will remember Michael as one of our hosts at the CIOmove to Switzerland, where we visited the World Economic Forum. Back in 2015 Micheal was Chief Digital and Information Officer (CDIO) of Schindler Elevators. At his new job as CDIO of Henkel he is still puzzled with the questions: How to improve the business? How to create new business models?

With Henkel dx he started uniting Digital, Business Process Management and IT expertise to solve the toughest business challenges, turning threats into opportunities, see

Henkel dx is driven by megatrends such as Platform Economy, Consumer & Customer gravitation shift, Outcome-based Servitization and Lean-Fast-Simple. Focusing towards individual customer and consumer needs.

In the CIOmove Afterwork Session on Jan 14, 2021 Michael will answer the following questions:

  1. Why can´t the IT or R&D department do the job of digitalization alone? What´s the advantage of an extra unit like Henkel dx?
  2. How do you link people working on IT and Digitalization across the company?
  3. What´s the vision of Henkel dx? What are the targets? How can you avoid bureaucratic hindering innovation?
  4. Why did you found the first Henkel dx Innovation Hub in Berlin? How do you find talent in the city where everybody competes for digital talent? Why not work with freelancers in Bangalore or elsewhere offshore?
  5. Can you already give us examples of digital products at Henkel dx?

We may do this CIOmove Afterwork session in German, depending on the audience. It really depends on you guys from the US, Brazil and Africa. Show up in bigger numbers or do it like Mike from Texas: Try to improve your German by listening.

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