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Ursula Soritsch-Renier

Ursula Soritsch-Renier

“Digitalization requires a cross-functional approach.

I am in addition to being CIO also the Group Digital Leader for Sulzer.

Sulzer, being a producing industry has long standing tradition in physical products. The shift from product to a service oriented data driven company is for many very challenging. Data as an asset that is used to create insight based sales, insight based servicing and insight based marketing is a difficult concept to grasp for many. Coming from a support function (IT) and being now responsible to lead the Digital Transformation, the challenges are manifold – access to commercial, R&D and other functions, leading a change in culture, …

I would like to understand how other CIO’s are embedded in the digitalization discussions of their companies, which approach they take, which setup (separate from IT, within IT, bi-modal or not,..) , .. they are taking and what challenges they are facing. Are the challenges coming from the internal organization? How mature are the customers? How do you see the eco-system?

And lastly – almost every IT supplier wants to provide IoT solutions? Which players would you see emerge? How do you see this market segment and evolve?”