CIOmove 2017: Get inspired

Get inspired – Spanish CIOs already decided what they would like to
with peers (others can do so on the train, see photo)

  • “Data is NOT the new Oil – how can a petroleum company be digitized?”
    Joaquin Reyes Vallejo, CIO of CEPSA
  • “Mobile first – is there anything more crucial in banking than usability?”
    Jose Manuel Valino Blanco, CIO of ABANCA
  • “Can mobile devices replace desktop computers?”
    Konrad Schneider, CIO of Seat
  • “How to grow IT development by 30 % a year?”
    Carsten Bernhard, CIO of e-Dreams Odiego
  • “What will logistics look like in 20 years?”
    Catalina Grimalt, CIO of Port de Barcelona
  • ”What to do about Phishing?”
    Matthias Moritz, CIO of Almirall


Our hosts in Spain:

Jan Babst, CIO of Logista

Carsten Bernhard

Carsten Bernhard,CIO of e-Dreams Odiego

Catalina Grimalt, CIO of Port de Barcelona


Jordi Castells, CIO of Torres

Joaquin Reyes Vallejo, CIO of CEPSA

(without picture: Jose Manuel Valino Blanco, CIO of ABANCA, Konrad Schneider, CIO of Seat)